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By Day or Week? Musing on the DCM

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The Divorced Content model applies itself best to weekly papers. The once-a-week print edition gives reporters time to produce worth-while long-form articles, and provide enough short form “daily” news during the week to keep readers interested.

The DCM doesn’t give dailies much room to move. On the daily deadline, it’s difficult to pull together a few “news you can use” pieces, and then bang out a long-form for deadline.

With the sheer lack of worthwhile updates, the news-website becomes a clearinghouse for all manner of vitrol and refuse. It becomes trivial, stagnant and not worth reading.

The daliy’s only recourse may then be to adopt a staccato content model, which the publisher of the Eagle Tribune and I talked about a while back. The staccato content model in his eyes would work more for a paywall. Readers will get the lede and a few graphs before needing to pay more to get the rest of the story.

Those first few graphs generally have the “can use” bit to them, but, they represent an inadequate system for the internet, and serve only as a directive to the print edition, or a paywall.

A weekly paper’s website allows it to keep daily relevance, while still producing good, long-form content.

Any thoughts on how to approach the daily angle of this, my intrepid readers?


Written by Steven A. Fletcher

May 3, 2011 at 7:12 pm

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