The Convergence Point

Because Story is independent of medium

Platforms, Protocols, and how we read.

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The New Media aren’t the information world’s version of pac-man. A new medium will not consume the old medium. Writing did not consume talking, nor photography painting.

So, the web will not consume print in the news world either. As writers and readers, we sit at a precarious point of media convergence, that is, where new media enter our world.

It’s a time where we’re still learning how to deal with the way the medium changes our life – and our reading habits. MEDIAtion, a blog tossing around media theory and evolution, hashes out Harry Jenkins’ Convergence Culture, talks convergence.

As our media world changes, we’re not seeing so much of a transfer to a single black box from where we get all of our content. We’re seeing all of our content come through innumerable black boxes.

Readers don’t choose the internet news-site over the physical newspaper. They’re using both. At the same time and for different purposes, notes a Microsoft Advertising paper. Because audiences cast the Gatekeepers into the black abyss of irrelevancy, they opened up a democratic consumption of media.

When we read, we seek the best medium, for the best purpose. Each medium has it’s ideal purpose. We’ve talked about this before.  Print and the web have different purposes, values, and readers interact with them differently.

News media organizations produce their own content stream, and funnel it through both portals. What’s on the web mimics what’s on the paper, just with flashier, more annoying, ads, and a less beautiful layout.

We need to separate our stream, and put what content up on what medium it works the best on. More on that tomorrow, where I’ll present a “divorced content” model for a news-website and news-paper.

Stay tuned!


Written by Steven A. Fletcher

April 30, 2011 at 5:11 pm

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