The Convergence Point

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An eighteen page newspaper’s just a bit too long for my taste.

The average morning paper contains a few front-page, leading stories, several local sports pieces, the community calendar, meeting agendas, and the occasional arts and life piece. All deal with the paper’s region.

I’ve read through the two major local papers on Cape Ann, the Salem Evening News, and the Gloucester Daily Times  and paused,  wondering if what I’m reading really needs to be there.

The morning paper has stories in it from other papers in the same company, two stories from the State House News Service, and a few from the Associated Press about world events.

We don’t need them. The AP, State House News Service, State sports and the TV book, don’t appear on the website. Except for CNN and AP video, which scroll through in ad-like tickers on the bottom of the page.

If they don’t appear in our local on-line coverage, why have them in print? By publishing them, we’re drawing readers to the Associated Press, and State papers by playing in their division.

We can’t compete there. The AP’s DI, and local sub 50,000 circulation papers are about DIII.

That doesn’t mean we don’t play good baseball. Just different baseball.

The next few articles will look at pieces of a daily newspaper and why some of them don’t need to be there.


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