The Convergence Point

Because Story is independent of medium

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In these last few days, we’ve ardently defended the indefensible. We’ve tried to breath life back into a dead-man, not a man without a pulse, but a corpse. Our conversation does no good.

We’re talking about saving newspapers, television stations, and radios. Platforms. We’re expending inordinate amounts of energy into a gaping maw that won’t close. They don’t need saving. Like any platform, any “thing” we use to communicate, they will change, or be left behind.

It’s not about saving “the media,” it’s about saving journalism.

Defending the art of telling honest, true, deep, meaningful, significant stories that generate dialoge and move life and people toward a good and worthwhile society. Journalism then, in the sense of absolute narrative technique, exists above platform.

Now, those platforms come together though a single box with an internet connection. A news-media web site will have audio, video, print, and a social media network, all, except the social network, told stories on their own, as a one-media stream.

Because our platforms stream through one box, our journalistic method should move independent of platform. We need to know what medium tells a story well. Some pieces should be audio visual alone, others, just print, still others, all three.


Written by Steven A. Fletcher

April 19, 2011 at 11:35 pm

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