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I have a mild love affair with minor league baseball.

Minor league games pack all the excitement of Fenway Park into a smaller, less polished price tag. The minor leagues don’t try to be the majors. They’re community baseball teams, playing against cities, rather than states.

City and Town papers play that kind of small ball. They’re scrappy, short-staffed, and real. They, and their reporters, become part of life in a way that national and state papers can’t.

That’s where they should stay.

The Gloucester Times shot a question out to it’s twitter audience about the kind of headlines readers wanted to see in the twittersphere. Did they want local coverage, or local and associated press coverage?  The paper runs associated press coverage on its website and in print occasionally.

We’re playing the wrong ball game.

Pushing AP content through the GDT’s twitter stream looks like a Minor team trying to out-do the majors. They can’t, and shouldn’t.  The AP and other national outlets have their own content streams, that reach farther and wider than ours.

Why should we try to use their content to drive our traffic? It puts us in competition outside of our reach.

We need to play our game, and keep our media anchored in the communities we cover. No other source will give you the kind of news about Gloucester that the GDT does, or about Salem than the Salem News does.

That’s where hashtags come in handy. On an international platform like Twitter, they point readers to our community, and let our community find us.


Written by Steven A. Fletcher

March 25, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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